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CCPA Benefits

The CCPA also helps to strengthen multi-state network collaboration, and unite and/or assist organizations within specific states or regions seeking to develop formal networks and coalitions within their legislative boundaries. Assistance can be provided in the following areas:

  • Assistance creating State/Regional Alliances
  • Connecting Networks (state/regional, and State-to-State)
  • Campaign for Public Education/Support Development| 10
  • Advocacy Training (Beginning to Advanced)
  • State Legislation Tracking
  • Social Media Training (including Tracking and Tools)
  • National Policy Alliance Committee Membership
  • Inclusion (landing page & link) on CCCC/National Alliance website & Directory
  • National/State speaker opportunities
  • Fiscal Agent Agreement ( when needed)


State, Regional and National CCPA Member Opportunities

To further the collaborative and networking goals of CCPA, sponsored state, regional and national events present unique opportunities for member leadership and participation. Events and member opportunities currently in development include:


National Chronic Care Policy Roundtable

These events features key speakers on topics related to chronic care management and policy initiatives regarding healthcare reform and patient access to quality, affordable and appropriate care.


State and Regional Chronic Care Policy Roundtable

States with emerging issues related to chronic care management and/or patient access to care are selected for three or four state (or region) policy roundtables. The issues targeted and discussed are specific to those in that particular state or region, of state level educational advocacy.


Chronic Care Policy Speaker’s Bureau

The Chronic Care Policy Alliance provides speaking opportunities for approved State-Affiliated members to attend and present at conferences and events regarding the importance of quality chronic care policy and access to appropriate care.


Critical Policy Challenge Campaign

Designed to brief policy makers at targeted state capitols across the nation, the Alliance sponsors Policy Challenge events within a legislative year for states with critical issues under deliberation.


Volunteer Chronic Care Advocacy Training

A comprehensive training program is available for volunteers at three levels: basic (by webinar), intermediate (in person), and advanced (in person). The program focuses on essential aspects of the legislative process using interactive protocols and assists patient advocates in becoming more productive and successful within both state and federal policy arenas.