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CCPA Activities

To further our goal to improve care for people living with chronic conditions and diseases, CCPA brings together state, regional and local health care advocates to improve patient care. Some of our activities include:

National Chronic Care Policy Roundtables and Events

CCPA hosts high-profile in-person and virtual events and webinars to discuss legislative priorities and raise national awareness of the needs of people with chronic conditions and diseases. They feature expert speakers on key topics related to chronic care management and policy initiatives.


State and Regional Chronic Care Policy Roundtables

As key chronic care management and/or patient access to care issues emerge in the states, CCPA hosts policy roundtables to bring together state-based advocates, educate communities and to mobilize and advocate for policy that improves the care of people living with chronic conditions and diseases.


State and Federal Legislation Tracking

Through BillTrack50, CCPA tracks national and state legislation impacting patients with chronic conditions and diseases.


Chronic Care Policy Speaker’s Bureau

CCPA provides speakers opportunities to attend and present at conferences, webinars and events throughout the country regarding the importance of quality chronic care policy and access to appropriate care.


Chronic Care Advocacy Trainings

CCPA offers a comprehensive advocacy training program at three levels: basic (Online), intermediate (Online or in-person), and advanced (in-person). The program focuses on essential aspects of the legislative process and assists patient advocates in communicating with local, state and national policymakers.


State-by-State Resources

Looking at 2022 and beyond particularly when health care issues become top priority in election cycles, CCPA has state-specific resources for health care advocates that include the State of Chronic Disease and policy briefs.