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Quality Health Care

In an era where innovation, precision and quality in health care are more important and available than at any time in our history, quality care is not available for all Americans. The Chronic Care Policy Alliance believes that innovation, precision and quality health care should be available to all Americans and supports the following concepts in public policy development:

  • The patient/provider relationship is paramount and essential in all efforts to ensure quality care for patients. Physician override requirements in health plan decisions should be enacted in policy to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate care as determined in conjunction with their health provider.
  • Health care providers should be supported and motivated to practice medicine. Reimbursements for medical care should be robust and appropriate. Efficiency in managed care systems should be increasingly developed and utilized to reduce unnecessary bureaucratic interference with health care decisions.
  • The creation and development of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), is important to the overall concept of quality care. ACOs should be encouraged and protected from inappropriate regulations and control mechanisms.
  • The creation and development of health systems that incorporate effectiveness and reduce waste and inefficiency are essential to provide patients with optimal care management and reduce the overall cost of our health care system. Patients should be able to access their health care records and health plan decisions regarding their care in a timely manner. Further, health contracts should include provisions to improve the quality and availability of health information technology (HIT) throughout the health care system.
  • Health plans, primary care providers and pharmacists should be informed and incentivized to appropriately implement quality care. The health care team should operate in concert and in the best interests of the patient.
  • The development and support of medical research is essential for a quality health care environment. Cures and innovative treatments for disease are available in greater numbers than ever before, but fewer federal dollars are appropriated for medical research than are needed.
  • Incentives for the development of precision medicine are essential. Cures for a wide range of chronic disease are within reach and will drastically reduce the cost of care in our country if brought forward and made available. Innovation and efficiency in health care should be rewarded.
  • The cost of our nation’s health care continues to climb each year. With a focus on the incorporation and utilization of more efficient health systems and the development of cures and innovative treatment for disease, the cost of care in America will be greatly reduced and manageable. The most efficient and effective health care system will focus on transparency and making certain that the needs of the patient are the central focus.