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COVID-19 Weekly Recap

CDC Daily – COVID-19 Cases in America

Updated May 7th, 2020
  • Total Cases: 1,219,066
  • Total Deaths: 73,297

States with highest number of cases reported:

New York: 318,915

New Jersey: 131,890

Massachusetts: 72,025

Illinois: 68,232

California: 58,815

Pfizer Announces First Participants Dosed in Clinical Trial Program for a Potential #COVID19 Vaccine

Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE announced this week that the first participants have been dosed in the U.S. in the Phase 1/2 clinical trial for the BNT162 vaccine program to prevent COVID-19. The trial is part of a global development program, and the dosing of the first cohort in Germany was completed last week. The Phase 1/2 study is designed to determine the safety, immunogenicity and optimal dose level of four mRNA vaccine candidates evaluated in a single, continuous study. In anticipation of a successful clinical development program, Pfizer and BioNTech are working to scale up production for global supply.  Read the press release here.

Marilyn Stebbins – My COVID-19 Journey

As we absorb the daily news of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us—especially in California where an order to shelter in place was declared early on by Governor Gavin Newsom—have little first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to be a COVID-19 patient in the midst of the pandemic. Marilyn Stebbins, PharmD, a UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy faculty member was not so fortunate. She shares her story here.

Podcast- Last In Line: Chronic Illness

(Source: Patients Rising): Many patients with chronic illnesses have had their treatments delayed or postponed as healthcare shifts its focus to COVID-19. Lifesaving procedures for the chronically ill have been put on the backburner. How does the healthcare system prioritize who is worth immediate care, and what does that mean for the patients put at the end of the line? On this episode, hosts discuss these moral dilemmas in healthcare with the help of Dr. Camosy, a professor of bioethics. And Kate speaks with Jennifer McNary, a mother fighting against ICER’s pricing roadblocks in order to get her sons’ access to treatment for Duchenne Muscular Atrophy.

CDC Releases New COVID-19 Guidance for Older Adults

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have released new guidance for older adults in the time of COVID-19, including:

  • Running Essential Errands Safely
  • People Who Need to Take Extra Precautions
  • Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups
  • Information When Living in Shared Housing
  • Shared Housing for Owners

May is Older Californians Month

This year’s theme is Make your Mark! Throughout the month, the California Department of Aging (CDA) will share stories of older adults from across California who are making their mark during the pandemic. Follow @CalAging on Twitter and @CaliforniaAging on Facebook to be inspired and join the conversation. Visit the webpage for more information on how to participate and celebrate.

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