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Cancer takes the lives of far too many Americans. In our state, 60,970 Californians are expected to die from the disease in 2022. These are our friends, family members and loved ones. While advanced treatments developed in recent years have resulted in significant progress, many cancers are still found too late when therapies are not as effective.

Representative Raul Ruiz recognizes that catching cancer earlier is among our most powerful tools in beating the disease. That’s why he introduced the Multi-Cancer Early Detection Screening Coverage Act (MCED Act) (H.R. 1946). The bill ensures that people on Medicare – a population at greater risk of cancer – can have access to new screening technologies – called multi-cancer early detection – when they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Multi-cancer early detection tests are poised to change the way we screen for cancer because they use a draw of blood to detect dozens of cancers – most of which have no screening available today. Easy to administer cancer detection tools, like these, hold tremendous promise for our area’s rural and senior citizen populations.

Representative Ruiz’s MCED Act has an impressive 275+ cosponsors in Congress and has the support of over 400 organizations across the country, including 35 here in California.

Call Rep. Ruiz today at (760) 424-8888 and thank him for his leadership on the MCED Act (H.R. 1946). Californians won’t stand for delays in access to the latest advances in cancer detection.