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States will consider hundreds of health-related issues in 2018. In target states, efforts to realize proactive policy efforts are very achievable. Further, efforts to pave the way for positive policy results in 2019 are also quite possible. Based on coalitions and efforts already in motion however, the following policy targets are realistic: The patient/provider relationship is paramount and essential in all efforts to ensure quality care for patients. Physician override requirements in health plan decisions should be enacted in policy to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate care as determined in conjunction with their health provider.

  • Utilization review reform (prior authorization, step therapy, medication adherence.
  • Out-of-pocket cost reform, including drug tier reform.
  • Tobacco enforcement, including clean indoor air legislation, and tobacco tax increases.
  • Benefit design initiatives, including narrow network reform and essential health benefit design.
  • Continuity of care initiatives.
  • State Medicaid and health marketplace benefit design enhancement
  • Equity and quality in health care for those who suffer from mental or behavioral health issues.
  • Medical Research support at the federal level.