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Mother and Daughter with Capitol in background

Accumulator Practices Harm Patients — Coad Family Story

Macy Coad was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis at 16 months old. Today, at 17, she manages her disease with biologics and other treatments. The family was handling the cost of the medications with the help of a copay assistance program. Then suddenly they were hit with a nearly $2,000 fee for one month’s medication. Their pharmacy benefit manager for their insurance had instituted a copay accumulator policy which stopped their assistance program payment from counting towards their out-of-pocket cost. Watch the video and hear Gerica Coad, Macy’s mother, explain what happened and how much a copay accumulator policy can hurt patients and their families.

Learn more about copay accumulators on the CCPA website or the CCPA blog post Copay Accumulator Adjustment Program Significantly Impact Patient Financial Burden. You can also visit www.MyPatientRight.org for more information.


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