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CCPA Forecast 2023 Meeting

On February 23rd-24th, CCPA held “CCPA Forecast 2023” in Phoenix, Arizona which focused on looking ahead at the primary issues impacting patients’ access to care.  At this dynamic event, CCPA brought together a select group of patient advocates to discuss the current state of access to quality, timely, affordable healthcare for people with chronic conditions and diseases across the country. Attendees included representatives from over 25 organizations and 10 states. Working collaboratively to address patient issues is a core mission for CCPA and a primary goal for the Forecast meeting.

At the meeting, advocates explored how we can  come together to leverage their voices, build equity, engage others, and expand their reach. Attendees discussed the major issues in their states and for their individual organizations. They also identified the top priorities for the attendees as a group,  the top three were:

  1. Co-pay Accumulator Programs
  2. Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  3. Utilization Management/Step Therapy

“We are thrilled at the results of Forecast 2023,” said Liz Helms, Founder & Director of CCPA. “We all learned a lot about what common issues we face, built relationships that will allow us to support each other and further organizational efforts. It was quite a success. CCPA is already deep into acting on what we talked about at the event!”

CCPA will continue to work with these organizations on supporting policies that increase access to care for those living with chronic illness. Anyone who wishes to be on the mailing list to learn more about what CCPA is doing should scroll to the bottom of any of the website’s main pages to sign up.