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CCPA Issues Statement on Senate HELP Committee Hearing

CCPA issued the following statement about the upcoming Senate HELP Committee’s drug pricing hearing on February 8, 2024:

“As the committee considers addressing the persistent need for health care reform, it should always frame discussions around one key question: How will this policy ensure patients have access to the best care and treatments possible?

While we recognize the need for addressing rising health care costs, we firmly believe that any policy changes must prioritize patient well-being and access to innovative treatments. Implementing foreign reference pricing may seem like a quick fix to reduce drug spending, but its repercussions on patients are profound. Particularly for those battling chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, innovative treatments are lifelines. Without these treatments, chronically ill patients would suffer.

On behalf of the chronic disease community, we urge the committee to implement patient-focused reforms that will bring down costs while preserving access to vital medications.”