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My Patient Rights Expands to Help Consumers throughout the Nation Advocate for the Health Care they Need

(SACRAMENTO) – Today, the Chronic Care Policy Alliance, an extension of the California Chronic Care Coalition, announced the national roll out of My Patient Rights, an online resource for consumers dissatisfied with the decisions made by their health plan. With an expanded resource center, My Patient Rights will improve education and increase the accessibility, affordability and quality of health care for all health care consumers.

In February, a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis found healthcare.gov marketplace insurers denied nearly one out of every five claims (19 percent) submitted for in-network services in 2017, and enrollees only appeal a tiny share (0.5 percent) of those denied claims. My Patient Rights aims to provide every consumer the tools necessary to know when, where and how to file a complaint and/or appeal.

“Since 2017, My Patient Rights has helped consumers in 17 states navigate a complex health care system,” said Liz Helms, Founder of the Chronic Care Policy Alliance. “We’re thrilled to now offer help and guidance to consumers throughout the nation, especially as health plans continue to restrict access and timely care. We must provide consumers with the help and confidence they need to demand the care they deserve.”

The website is a one-stop-shop for consumers, making it easier to find their health plan’s complaint forms, reach the right state government agency and ensure their concerns are heard. In addition to step-by-step instructions to file a complaint, the website educates consumers about their rights as a patient and collects testimonials from real patients to provide a true picture of the quality of care provided throughout the national.

The types of complaints My Patient Rights receives include:

  • Balanced billing issues
  • Barriers to prescription medicines
  • Denials to specialists and procedures
  • Delays receiving tests for chronic diseases
  • Medical bills from out-of-network providers

“Navigating today’s health care system is complicated enough without having to determine where you go to file a complaint and get the care you need,” said Joan Werblun, RN, Chair of the California Chronic Care Coalition. “By guiding consumers on where to go for help and ensuring complaints are registered, we have the opportunity to support those in need and determine where there are consistent access and affordability issues.”