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My Patient Rights Expands to Help More Patients in Need


Since 2017, My Patient Rights has helped consumers in 17 states navigate a complex health care system. We’re proud to announce our national expansion to offer help and guidance for consumers throughout the country, especially as health plans continue to restrict access to timely and quality care.

Our explainer video above helps illustrate how easy it is for consumers to use our website – unlike our health care system. We help consumers learn more about their rightsfind their health plan’s complaint forms and ensure their concerns are heard.

The website also educates consumers about the types of barriers health plans implement that limit access to care, including prior authorization, non-medical switching, step therapy and adverse tiering. If consumers are able to identify why they are being denied care, they have a better chance of knowing how they can appeal their health plan’s decision.

In California alone, the state regulatory agency reversed or overturned more than 60 percent of health plan decisions as part of the Independent Medical Review process in 2017. That number is staggering and should serve as a reminder that denials can only be overturned if patients file an appeal and stand up for their rights.

Fortunately, My Patient Rights is here to help. Visit My Patient Rights today at mypatientrights.org.

You can learn more about our national launch here.