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New legislation must prioritize patients

Throughout 2021, considerable work went into creating meaningful, lasting, and positive change for patients throughout the country. We applaud the efforts of legislators to lower the costs of prescription medications and cap out of pocket costs for seniors in this country.

Moving into 2022, as leaders consider health reforms in the coming year, we urge them to ensure that access to critical treatments is not compromised in an effort to lower government costs. We urge policymakers to avoid harmful provisions that would allow the government to set the price of prescription medications since they could result in more restricted access to treatments or fewer treatments being developed at all. Provisions like the repeal of non-interference or reference pricing may ultimately do more harm to patients than good.

The Chronic Care Policy Alliance works on behalf of patients with chronic conditions to ensure their voices are heard and unique healthcare needs are met. Patients with chronic conditions require ongoing healthcare and manage their conditions through complex treatment plans, requiring multiple medications and therapies. The time, energy, and resources required to manage their diseases are significant and for many, something they will endure for their entire life.

Access to current and future treatments is critically important to our population of patients. Lawmakers must do everything in their power to avoid creating health care disparities that create undue and significant hurdles for patients in need. The Chronic Care Policy Alliance is ready to work with federal policymakers in 2022 to ensure patients have equal access to health care services, no matter their age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or health status.