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  • Support medical research
  • Maintain robust benefit design and patient protections in any repeal/replacement of the Affordable Care Act, particularly for children and the underserved population.
  • Support competition and incentives for the development of innovative cures and treatments, and precision medicine.
  • Support appropriate reform of the U.S Veterans Affairs Health Administration and support our nation’s veterans.
  • Support the improvement and maintenance of a strong clinical trials process in the U.S. That process should include:
    • Patient engagement on clinical trials at the earliest phase, and in the design of the trial
    • Patient awareness. Clinical trials should be listed and advertised in such manner that patients are informed and aware of them and the benefit
    • Accessibility. Clinical trials should be made reasonably accessible to all patients, regardless of socio-economic status
    • Availability of data. Researchers should have reasonable access to data obtained from clinical trials. As long as no violation of HIPPA occurs, and the patient provides consent, non-identifiable data from clinical trials should be readily available to researchers
  • Appropriate patient-centric Medicare reforms. Efforts to modernize the 340B program and curb abuses so it can continue to serve uninsured and indigent populations
  • Support reasonable reforms of our nation’s health care system that have bi-partisan support and that incorporate the input and advice of patient advocate organizations in America.