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We lose 600,000 Americans, including more than 8,000 Coloradans, to cancer every year. As a cancer survivor himself, Senator Bennet knows we can – and must – do better and multi-cancer early detection technology can help.

When it comes to cancer, the best way to save lives is to catch it earlier, before it has spread. But until now, we didn’t have the tools to find most cancers early.  To address this challenge, Bennet introduced the Multi-Cancer Early Detection Screening Coverage Act (MCED Act) (S. 1873). The bill allows Medicare to cover the most advanced screening technologies available once the tests are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Multi-cancer early detection tests are groundbreaking because they use a draw of blood to detect dozens of cancers – most of which have no screening available today.

Senator Bennet’s MCED Act has an impressive 275+ cosponsors in Congress and the support of over 400 organizations across the country, including 11 right here in Colorado.

Call Sen. Bennet at (303) 455-7600 and thank him for his leadership on the MCED Act (S. 1873). Coloradans on Medicare must have the opportunity to benefit from the newest technology in early cancer detection